Project Description

CarterBaldwin Executive Search is pleased to announce that Kevin Arner has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of Florida-based software solution company, CapStorm.

Kevin joins CapStorm from Levigy, Inc., an investment company in the healthcare and healthcare technology space that he and other investors started. As Chief Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, Kevin successfully led the company’s corporate venturing activities, private investment portfolio, IP development, and strategic advisory services. Prior to Levigy, Kevin held executive leadership positions at PaySpan (formerly Payformance Corp.), Deere & Co., QuadraMed Corp., and InterMed Healthcare Systems.

Throughout his career, Kevin also played a key strategic advisory role for a number of companies and organizations including National Christian Foundation, Global Healthcare Alliance, Payformance Corp., and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.

Kevin will leverage his 25+ years’ experience of starting, growing, and successfully selling technology and software companies for CapStorm as it seeks to capitalize on its growth potential. As CEO, Kevin will develop and strengthen the team, build out a predictable sales and marketing process, and significantly grow the revenue and valuation of the company, positioning it for a successful exit in the next three to five years.

About CapStorm

Founded in 2011 by husband and wife, Greg and Mary Smith, CapStorm began as a classic entrepreneurial “basement start-up” to meet a crucial Salesforce® backup need. It quickly evolved into a fast-growth B2B software company that serves blue-chip companies across a variety of vertical markets.

Key to CapStorm’s differentiated position in the market is their partnership with Salesforce® and their technology that allows for point and click restoration of Salesforce® data, including maintaining all relationships in the database. CapStorm is driven by two core beliefs that 1) a Salesforce® backup should be fully accessible and easily verifiable and 2) a Salesforce® recovery solution should be useful for more than just disaster recovery. These philosophies drive ongoing application development and are key to CapStorm’s success as the leading technology in Salesforce® backup and restore.

CapStorm is located in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.