Our Values

While we are comprised of a unique blend of individuals, backgrounds and experiences at CarterBaldwin, our firm does have a distinct personality. Spend time with us and you will find the following to be the essence of “who we are.”

We are Positive People

We are constantly looking for solutions versus excuses. We look for ways to lift each other up, especially when faced with challenges. Because energy is contagious, we try to be a source of positive energy for each other, always. Our work is serious but we do not take ourselves too seriously. Our differences, properly understood, produce camaraderie. Achieving great results gives us the right to be light-hearted.

Time is Precious

Time is a limited resource for everyone. For that reason we strive to be incredibly respectful of everyone’s time, both inside and outside the company. Speed is a hallmark of our delivery to the client. There is a time to work to be professional and intentional. Being careful with time at work allows us to enjoy time away from work. We are anti-crastinators and look for ways to complete tasks early. We strive for chronological compression, squeezing out the empty, unfruitful spaces between tasks.

We are Serious About Results

Results matter! We are focused on the outcomes achieved, not on the effort or the time. Our clients hire us to execute difficult searches, and we do what it takes to give them a great outcome. Because we are focused on results, we don’t pass the buck. When faced with challenges, CarterBaldwin and its people adapt and overcome as the path to success. Both CarterBaldwin and the client have to win. We see challenging searches as an opportunity to innovate.

We Strive for 100% Trust

100% trust means that 100% of the time we can count on each other to tell the truth, to never withhold relevant information and to have each others’ best interest at heart. This allows each of us to spend zero effort in guarding our individual best interest. We are ridiculously honest in the best interests of the other person and the company. There is a great chasm between 99% trust and 100% trust that we work every day to keep from opening.

We are Energized by Learning

We are an intellectually curious bunch. We understand the need to learn and evolve to continue to thrive. We embrace continuous learning — about our clients, the markets they serve, the challenges they are facing — and about ourselves. We are obsessed with learning and growing, and humble about the fact that we don’t know it all — but we are confident that we can help each other “figure it out.” We love engaging with each other and our clients, wrestling with challenges, and coming up with the best solutions to their needs. There is always more to learn. We are energized by that process.

Charitable Causes

Annually, CarterBaldwin commits to contribute a portion of its profits to charitable organizations. These organizations are represented below and span causes that support our children, our veterans and the underprivileged.

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