The National Renewables Cooperative Organization Announces Michael Keyser as New CEO CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
J&J Snack Foods Names Bjoern Leyser Senior Vice President of Sales - Retail, Foodservice & Bakery CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Southwest Baptist University Trustees Elect Richard J. Melson as 26th President CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Infinicept Appoints Ali Mast Senior Vice President of Sales CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Hoffmaster Group, Inc. Names Christina Klem Vice President of Marketing CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Myles Harrison Named Chief Operating Officer for Edify CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Copperweld Bimetallics Appoints Lorenzo Brusa Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurement CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Terumi Echols Named President and Publisher of InterVarsity Press CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Hollander Sleep & Décor Appoints Amy Price Chief Commercial Officer CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Malibu Boats Names Taylor Peace as Vice President, Finance and Accounting CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Owens & Minor Names Carlos Soto Senior Vice President, Manufacturing CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING
Osmose Utilities Services Appoints Adi Srinivasan to New Position of VP of Product Management CARTERBALDWIN ANNOUNCES CONTINUE READING

Many of the world’s best and most admired organizations trust CarterBaldwin with their most critical leadership needs.

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Search Done BetterTM

In a competitive world, many search firms strive to be “different.” Since our inception, we’ve just focused on being better.

The thing we love about better is that it focuses us on clients and candidates … not competition. Better keeps us pushing for performance gains for those that entrust their key leadership needs to us. We have strong opinions about what makes a better search firm and have been relentless about building our firm around a better …


In executive search, firm size matters. Too big constricts the candidate pool because the search firm’s clients are “off-limits.” Big also puts sales pressure on partners, focusing them on winning business vs. executing searches.

Too small undermines key infrastructure and “muscle” to put behind searches. A committed partner without sufficient research and recruiting support is a formula for missed client expectations.

We manage our firm’s size to make us better. While we’re in the top 1% of retained search firms by size, our partner team is focused on delivering great search outcomes, and they have the resources behind them to deliver the goods.


We’ve built and honed an engineered search process that is unrivaled. Search is a people business, so there is plenty of “art” to what we do … But, we’re zealots about process and metrics. The result is a more predictable and reliable outcome for our clients and candidates.

We train hard and have a continuous improvement mentality. We measure everything and keep trying to beat our records on speed and quality. We love competing with ourselves.

Performance Retainer

We believe we win when our clients win. As such, we’ve adopted a performance-based retainer that requires us to hit key deliverable milestones before we receive our full fee (culminating in a successful executive hire).

Most searches require fees to be paid long before the conclusion of the engagement. Not ours. It makes us better to have our financial success tied to our client’s success.


Our team is comprised of experienced, focused search professionals who share our passion for being better. We give them a better environment, better support and a better opportunity.

Search done right is hard work, requiring hustle, inquisitiveness and a “never rest” mentality. People content with “good” don’t like it here. View our values.

We expect a lot from our team because our clients expect a lot from us. In return, we work hard to make CarterBaldwin a better place to work. We have a fun, collaborative, team-oriented yet heavily performance-driven culture. This yields better outcomes for our clients and candidates.

Candidate Approach

In retained search the “product” is people … candidates. We constantly hear from candidates that they do not feel well treated or respected by many search firms. We have a different approach. We believe candidates are both human and our core “product.”

A core value of our firm is to treat candidates the way we would want to be treated. We work hard to communicate candidly, openly and honestly with candidates throughout and after a search.

Not surprising, a significant number of our new clients come from executives we treated well when they were candidates on one of our searches … even when they didn’t get the job. We consistently hear “you guys treated me better.”

Charitable Causes

Annually, CarterBaldwin commits to contribute at least 10% of its profits to charitable organizations. These organizations are represented below and span causes that support our children, our veterans and the underprivileged.

Atlanta Mission
Hire Heros USA
Junior Achievement of Georgia
Sandy Springs Mission
Shamrockin' for a Cure
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Insight from our Partners

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Leadership Transitions

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As an executive search firm, we have led more than 100 searches to find CEOs for the world’s largest faith-based nonprofits. In every instance, there is a board who is strongly committed to the future of the institution, and in every instance, there is great intent to assure that the transition from the incumbent to [...]

Christian Care Ministry, Chief Executive Officer – Case Study

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Founded in 1993, Christian Care Ministry (CCM) is the 501(c)(3) parent organization of Medi-Share, the nation’s leading health care sharing ministry. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and operating a second site in Colorado Springs, CO, CCM employs more than 700 people across both campuses and in remote locations. For the more than 400k individuals and families [...]

Find out why the world’s best and most admired organizations trust CarterBaldwin with their critical leadership needs.

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