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About David Clapp

Dave Clapp is Managing Partner for CarterBaldwin. In addition to his executive leadership for the firm, Dave leads CarterBaldwin’s B2B technology & business/professional services practice areas. Dave also focuses on select B2C executive recruitment assignments for brand and consumer driven businesses. Read more ...

The Zone of Pressure vs. the Zone of Contentment

While we certainly can’t dictate every outcome, we can align our teams and resources to maximize our chances of success. Said another way, the championship is not always won in the draft, but I like my odds better when I’ve got a team comprised of the right athletes. A crucial question I focus on when assessing [...]

The Talent to Differentiate

The tax, accounting and consulting market has experienced seismic shifts in recent years.  Several factors have played into the fast rate of change, including continued economic uncertainty, earnings pressure, aggressive federal and state tax jurisdictions, global regulatory change and more aggressive competition between firms.  Regional firms are pushing up market.  National firms are breaking the old [...]

A Talent Shortage Still Exists for Business-Minded Professionals

There is a shortage of leaders-even in our current economic environment-who bring both specific technical expertise and strategic general business acumen to the table.  Smart organizations are looking for and hiring it. Smart leadership candidates are acquiring and marketing it. This shortage is magnified in technical professions like tax, accounting and technology where very specialized legal, [...]

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