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Friendly Fire – Gracefully Managing Involuntary Terminations

You like the employee. He or she has not stolen anything, threatened violence, or incited riots, but this person is just not working out within your organization. You know it and, more importantly, your team knows it. You need to make a change, but before you do, you have a [...]

Four Facts You Should Know About Working with Executive Recruiters

1) Individuals do not pay fees to search firms. Executive search firms are paid by the companies who hire them to fill a position, typically a fee of one-third of the job’s first-year compensation. Search firms are not working for you, but for their paying clients. Therefore, do not expect [...]

Winning at the Board Game

We are constantly being bombarded with the message that the business world is shrinking. One of the growing terms for this change is that the world is becoming flat. With the continued enhancements in technology and information availability, the ability for a company to isolate itself geographically is quickly disappearing. [...]

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